Project outline:

01  Needs Analysis

Outside In Pathways contributed towards the design and formulation of research questions co-operating with  Frontier Support Services with  experts Dr. John Biddulph and Marc Prescod.   A summary of the feedback was created and communicated to the consortium.  OIP collaborating with Frontier Support Services from London and Early Years in NI did the research studies(pilot and main)cooperatively to represent the United Kingdom (NI and UK).

OIP  also extended the piloting to parents with children who had grown up with autism, who participated in observing the project.  We produced internal reports after question and answer sessions.

From  30 January 2016 the pilot questionnaire was distributed to 15 parents.

The questionnaire was adapted after this dissemination and a new updated version was produced by the partners

t the kick off meeting in Graz in December 2015 a general learning outcome/ECVET/EQF – input for the products was given by Partner Dr Pretis SINN.

A leaflet/brochure for the SEKA project was prepared by Outside In Pathways and translated into all partner languages.

02 : “Education Modules” for Parents of Children with Autism

OIP contributed input to the lead partner Dr Pretis SINN for IO2 which provided a learning-outcome-orientated template to address the educational needs of parents bringing us a child with ASD.

OIP collaborating with Frontier Support Services hosted the 2nd consortium meeting in London (10-11.5.2016) at the Croydon Park Hotel and the Sloane Club – where Dr Pretis presented the learning outcome model and philosophy which was approved by the partnership.  OIP sent feedback suggestions, after receiving the proposals of which contents should be inside the learning outcome models. Content related ideas were collected by Dr Pretis and when the tasks were divided (which partners provide which contents), OIP created contents based on the learning outcome frame and sent them to Dr Pretis.

It was agreed in the Belfast Meeting in November 2016 that OIP would design and develop Module 5 Psychosocial Support delivering the module January 2017.

OIP collaborating with Frontier Support Services piloted this with 25 parents in the UK, four groups, two half days each 4/5/7/8 October 2016.  The work was well received and and showed  an overall increase in knowledge and psychological understanding concerning the social needs of children with ASD. 100% of participants scored their experience as good to excellent.  The report was sent to the Co-ordinator.

During the 2nd consortium meeting OIP also organised the meeting program including presentations by Dr John Biddulph – Psychologist who advises the UK government, and who has aspergers syndrome, (whose father had aspergers) and is a parent of a child  with aspergers syndrome.  OIP also organised a performance for the 2nd consortium meeting at the V&A Museum;  the operatic composition and performance were composed and performed by a group of people with learning disabilities (pwld) and autism, higher support needs/70% autism).

O3 : Guide Book for Parents

OIP contributed to  the development of the guidebook providing feedback to the project proposal concerning the different legal situation in the UK and the differences in who provides which part of services – different services have different areas of responsibilities towards families with children with autism and safeguarding policies are much stricter in the UK.



People from one of the most culturally marginalised groups to unlock their inheritance and their hidden histories which have been overlaid by cultural norms.


A weekly project that started by participants taking photographs and culminated in them writing and performing a libretto at the V&A Museum.


Taking place over two years, culminating in performances and generating partnerships with museums, galleries and theatres along the River Thames.